National Security Agency: Privacy Is No More

What do Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, X-Mission, Comcast, AOL, Time-Warner, Century-Link, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and MANY MANY more have in common?

They have all been ordered to provide the government access to every last detail of information you have ever and will ever send over their networks by a top-secret order issues last year.

What does this mean for you? George Orwells 1984 couldn’t have possibly grasped the level of knowledge todays government has on its citizens today. they know your likes, your dislikes, your political views, your favorite foods to eat, your exact location at all times, your internet browsing history, your medical and mental illnesses, they have access to your entire facebook, they have all of your call records, all of your phone calls, every last one of your text messages, and the little GPS unit in your phone tells them everything you do during the day. wether you think its on or off.

What does all of this mean? what info are they using? for what?

the NSA spokesman got on stage and their only defense for collecting all of this for the last two years was “we stopped one terrorist plan” it took TWO YEARS of collecting ALL of that data and all they did with it was stop one terrorist attack?!?!?! HOW MANY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WERE WAISTED, RIGHTS VIOLATES, CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS SHIT ON ALL FOR ONE TERRORIST?!?!?! ILL TELL YOU WHO THE TERRORISTS ARE!

They are collecting this information for control. simply put, anyone who speaks out against the government is going to suddenly drop dead of a random illness, a crime will suddenly crop up against the person that requires indefinite detention, or they will simply disappear.

1984 didn’t even scrape a molecule thick layer off the tip of the iceberg of governments abuse of power, and totalitarian control of the people its comprised of. What will it take for the people of the world to stand up once and for all against our irresponsible, criminalistic mob of a government and hang the bastards responsible for treating american citizens like terrorists in Guantanamo bay?

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