Macbook Glass Repair Service Now Available!

New service! Macbook Glass Repair Service!

So you closed your computer in a hurry and smashed the glass panel in front of your screen on your car keys which were above the keyboard… You take it into Apple and they quote you 300.00 to replace the entire top of your laptop. No one wants to pay 300.00 to fix a computer they already spent 1200 or more on…

Well we couldn’t agree more! that price is outrageous! not to mention unnecessary! you can still see every bit of your screen, nothings wrong with your webcam, and well… you REALLY like the batman sticker you put on the top of your computer.

The truth is Apple knows about and can replace the glass panel itself and leave everything else in tact. but for whatever reason (monetary?) they wont do it. They won’t even allow authorized service providers to do it.

Which is where we come in! for only 60.00 (including the parts, and labor) you can have a crystal clear, non-shattered screen, and keep your batman sticker to boot! Bring your laptop in today for a free analysis and estimate!

Macbook Glass Repair Service

Note: This service is only available for the Apple Macbook / Macbook Pro models sporting the Aluminum UniBody Design (late 2008+). For extra Costs we can also replace the LCD screen, and for just a bit more we can still replace the entire clamshell if necessary : )

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