Of Run-Of-The-Mill Computer Repair Giants Charging Ghastly Fees For The Simplest Of Tasks?

After 8 Years Of Experience, I Am proud to have a perfect customer satisfaction rate. don’t take my word for it though, see all of my Google reviews from actual customers.

What Are All My Customers Raving About?

-Fair Pricing

-Professional Service

-Relaxing Atmosphere

The Difference:


Desktops        :        Laptops        :        MAC        :        PC

Servers     :      Networking      :    Home / Small Business

Medium Size Business        :      Entry Level Corporations

Web Site Development              :               Graphic Design

Active Directory  :  Open Directory  :  Microsoft  :  Apple

RAID       :       NAS       :      Cloud Based Hosting / Design

Faronics Deep Freeze                  :               Ip Surveillance




I contacted Alex to fix a network problem my netbook was having. Alex was polite and accommodating, and most telling of all, he FIXED THE PROBLEM. The service was prompt, and the computer was repaired the same day. If you are looking for someone to help you fix a problem FAST and do it right (and right away– no shipping it off to the Geek Squad for two weeks), I HIGHLY recommend Alex.


Alex got us up and running again in no time. We had a complete system failure on a desktop, and Alex rescued the data, built a whole new (much faster) machine, and reloaded all of the data onto the new machine. He did all of this the same week, and for a fraction of the cost of big computer repair places. Best of all, he was easy to reach and anytime he ran into a problem, he solved it easily.


Alex was wonderful to work with! He was easy to get ah old of and even when timing wasn’t ideal to talk on the phone, he would text. His timing was impeccable, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! He let me drop it off and pick it up after hours. What a smooth deal!! 5 stars!!


Alex did a killer job on my laptop!!! Very fast and very good price! I would highly recommend anyone with computer problems go see this guy! Thanks again Al!


“I found Alex by typing in “Computer Repair” on my iPhone when my DC power jack broke on my computer. He let me drop it off outside of business hours when it was good for me. He also told me exactly how much it would cost before he did the work. Very honest about the problems unlike some other places ( PC LAPTOPS ) and he charges a VERY reasonable hourly rate. Best Computer Repair in town!”


View Google Places Reviews From Real Customers.





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On April 8, 2014, Windows XP goes non-compliant with HIPAA / HITECH.

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will not release any security patches for Windows XP, which will effectively make it non-compliant with HIPAA / HITECH. Information Technology Pros in the healthcare industry may want to get a head start on their spring cleaning. Microsoft extended support for Windows XP ends on April 8, 2014. After this date, Microsoft will not release any security patches or updates for Windows XP. This will effectively make Windows XP non-compliant with HIPAA / HITECHafter Microsoft support ends.

National Security Agency: Privacy Is No More

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Macbook Glass Repair Service Now Available!

New service! Macbook Glass Repair Service! So you closed your computer in a hurry and smashed the glass panel in front of your screen on your car keys which were above the keyboard… You take it into Apple and they quote you 300.00 to replace the entire top of your laptop. No one wants to pay 300.00 to fix a computer they already spent 1200 or more on… Well we couldn’t agree more! that price is outrageous! not to mention unnecessary! you can still see every bit of your screen, nothings wrong with your webcam, and well… you REALLY like the Continue Reading

Star-Dock To The Rescue!

Return the start menu to Windows 8 with Start8 from Stardock! Start8, the much anticipated software solution that returns the start menu and its functionality to Windows 8, is now available. Ease the transition to Windows 8 with Start8 by bringing the familiarity of the Windows 7-style start menu along with additional enhancements to Microsoft’s new Windows 8 release. Start8 will boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop by default, giving users a friendly starting point during their migration. Start8 also enables users to search for, pin and launch both classic and Modern UI applications from the start menu. FEATURES Continue Reading

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Microsoft Turned A New Stone And Launched Its Revolutionary, Touch Oriented, $30.00 Upgrade To Windows 7. Users Everywhere Are Asking, Will The New Interface Be Accepted As King, Or Be As Successful As AOL’s Surprisingly Similar Interface From 1996? More To Come.


I provide the highest quality of repair that you will find in the valley. I take pride in my service and stand behind my work.

New Machines:
all new computers that I build come with a manufacturers 1 year warranty, and 1 year labor warranty for defective parts.


All repair work is guaranteed for 30 days from the date the computer was picked up. My goal is to make your computer work it's best, and make you a happy customer. The bottom line is this, You'r continued business and referrals are the cornerstone of my business. and I strive to make sure i am successful in securing your business.


If a problem or issue was not corrected during a repair, and the computer exhibits the same symptoms as when the computer was first brought in, I will make every attempt to fix that problem for free.
There may be additional labor or parts charges to fix the problem.
We cannot be held responsible for re-infections with viruses or malware, water, power damage, misuse, or any other damage not resulting from the actual repair work done by us.